Bermuda Forwarders maintains a fully staffed office at Bermuda's L.F. Wade International Airport. This office will arrange to collect your cargo from the delivering airline, clear it through H.M. Customs and deliver it anywhere on the island.

 Our special air consolidation service is available from: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and the Far East. 

Your shipment is air freighted from the airport of origin to your door, and therefore we are usually able to track your shipment and advise of its progress to assist your planning. For a list of airfreight agents, go to our Partners list or contact us directly.



Sea-Air is a hybrid service from China and Hong Kong, custom arranged each occasion with Tigers Logistics. Your cargo is sent from the Far East to Dubai, and from there is expedited by air to Bermuda. Transit time is usually three weeks.  Because each shipment must be custom arranged, please contact us first to arrange each Sea-Air shipment.


If part of our Air Consolidation Service we will track your air cargo shipments as necessary to keep you informed upon request, of their progress.

Whether your air cargo shipment has arrived as part of our special Air Consolidation Service, or separately with one of the airlines who have notified us accordingly; our airport office will inform you and /or clear your air cargo shipment through Customs and deliver it to your address.

In the event you are expecting an independently arranged air shipment, our airport office would be pleased to handle Customs clearance and delivery for you.