Ocean Freight

Bermuda Forwarders offers more ocean services to Bermuda than anyone else. Full Containers Loads (FCL) can be arranged from almost anywhere in the world. Less than Full Container Loads (LCL) can be more challenging for other freight handlers as, outside of North America, there are virtually no direct LCL services available directly to Bermuda. Roll-on, roll-off (pictured) and breakbulk freight can also be booked to Bermuda.

Bermuda Forwarders has created a Network of Agents and Affiliates in the USA, Canada, North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, India, Asia, Southern Africa, The Far East, New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere around the world. LCL ocean freight is offered usually on a weekly basis from these origins. Look under "Partners" on our home page for a list of our most frequently used agents.  A more complete list is also available upon request from us at Bermuda Forwarders.

We offer Small Package Solutions for your consolidations as small as 1 cubic foot from New Jersey and Florida. No longer do you have to compare the costs between air and ocean. Send everything to us and whether we have 2 cft or 200 cft on hand, you know we will be able to get it to Bermuda for a fair price. Small ocean consolidations mean higher turnover, lower inventory and duty costs to carry and higher profit margins. Compare costs on our Small Package Solutions estimator today!



Besides the usual Ocean and Air cargo options, Bermuda Forwarders also offers a hybrid "Sea-Air" service from Hong Kong and China. This is a custom service arranged through Tigers Logistics.  Your cargo is sent from the Far East by sea into Dubai thence by air to Bermuda. Total transit time is usually three weeks. Each shipment must be arranged individually, therefore please contact Bermuda Forwarders for details for each Sea-Air shipment



For air and ocean shipments from the U.S., Bermuda Forwarders's partner Best NJ/ DiPinto offers "Web Track" so that you can track your shipments online at any time. Contact us to obtain your own password and a quick lesson.

Most of Bermuda Forwarders agents now e-mail either a Freight Receipt Advice or a Shipping Advice at the time they either receive or dispatch your shipments from overseas.  This gives you a good idea when your shipments are due to arrive in Bermuda. 

Once in Bermuda our Local Inland Clearance Facility will e-mail you a Stripping Advice when your LCL cargo has been stripped from its arriving container.   Please advise our LIC manager with your e-mail address and state in the e-mail this is for the purpose of sending you Stripping Advices.