Bermuda Forwarders Ltd. pioneered the Off-Site Records Management industry in Bermuda in 1988 with Data Storage Center. We were also the first to introduce dynamic warehouse management. With all of our cartons stored within eyesight of the City of Hamilton, we offer the fastest delivery of cartons island-wide. With Data Storage Center's expertise, speed of delivery and personalised customer service the only way you'll know you are storing your cartons off-site is by the money you'll save.

Our professional representatives will show you how to streamline your record-keeping services and add profit to your bottom line. We offer InfokeeperTM online record management system so you control exactly what you get and when. We offer convenient hours, a centrally located facility, secure storage and destruction, the best price on cartons and the fastest delivery. 


If your offices are located in a building that costs $30 per square foot, a bank of nine four-drawer file cabinets will cost you approximately $2,970 a year just for the floor space that those cabinets occupy. In a building at $45 per square foot, the cost for the same number of cabinets is about $4,455 a year!

Those same files stored at Data Storage Center at an average storage rate of $14.40 per cubic foot would cost less than $1,040 a year.

This is savings of up to $3,415.00 per year on less than 100 cartons!


You wouldn't store your digital files and all their backups at your operating facility, so why would you store your paper files that way. Off-site storage provides both disaster recovery redundancy as well as limits access to potential internal malfeasance.